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The following is a basic timeline for the building of your Old Virginia Log Home. Each person’s experience is different so the order may change based on individual needs.

Step 1: Choose your building site.
Step 2: Determine your needs and preferences.
Step 3: Decide on a budget.
Step 4: Choose a model or custom design.
Step 5: Free Price Quote: Once you know what you want, we’ll tell you how much our part will cost you.
Step 6: Preliminary Plans: When you are ready for drawings, we require a plan fee. This fee varies from $500 and up depending on size and complexity of the plans. Once the fee is received, we will prepare your floor plan(s) only, then we mail it to you for your signed approval. If you have changes you mark them on the plans and mail them back to us. This process continues until we have a signed set of approvals from you.
Step 7: Final Plans: It is at this point that we finish the rest of the plans, working closely with you all through the process. Once finished we will mail you plans for your approval, just like the preliminaries. Once the plans are approved, you will receive (3) sets of completed plans.
Step 8: Select a contractor.
Step 9: Arrange financing.
Step 10: Sign contract and provide down payment.
Step 11: Select a delivery date. You will need to contact Old Virginia to determine a mutually agreeable delivery date.
Step 12: Window and Door Rough Openings: At this point you will need to go window and door shopping. Before we can cut the logs for your home, we need the rough openings for each and every door and window that is in a log wall, log gable or log dormer.
Step 13: Install your foundation and sub floor: Old Virginia prepares a foundation plan that has very specific measurements for a proper fit with your Old Virginia Log Home.
Step 14: Log plans drawn: While you are working on your foundation, we will be drawing the precise shop drawings we use to cut the logs to place into your new home.
Step 15: Logs Cut and Cut deposit: Once we finish log plans and receive the log cut deposit, we will cut out your log home. We then assembly the corners of your home here on our site and fine tune all corners for a correct fit.
Step 16: Delivery day: Delivery day arrives and, if you have finished your foundation, then we deliver your home and erect our portion of the build. A typical house is erected in (3) three to (4) four days, though it may be longer depending on the size, complexity or even site troubles..

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