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We have complete blueprint service to assist in custom design. Our standard plans can be modified to fit your needs, providing they stay within our structural guidelines. Among our custom designs are many shapes, sizes and configurations ranging from an outhouse to a 9,000 sq. ft. super structure. Standard plans are available to (Old Virginia Log Homes customers only) and custom plans are priced according to size and complexity.


Construction, once the logs are set, is no different than that for a conventional structure. Old Virginia Log Homes blueprints are detailed – after logs are set, any competent carpenter can finish your home eliminating the need for a construction manual.


Any heating and/or cooling system you prefer can be used in your log home. You will find a log home, as a rule, easier to heat and cool than a conventional one of similar design, due to the thermal mass of the log wall. More energy efficiency can be obtained, as in any other structure, by adding low E windows and extra insulation in the roof and subfloor. Of course, this also adds to the cost.

Time Frame

Normal delivery time is 8 to 12 weeks from the time your order is placed. Naturally, spring and summer are busier. When you choose a delivery date, you can be assured Old Virginia Log Homes will be there if your foundation is ready. If it is not, you must wait for the next available date. Our company has never missed a delivery date, although 80% of the customers have had to postpone delivery because their foundation was not ready, for one reason or another.



The foundation for your log structure is the same as required for any other type of home. Basement, crawlspace or slab, makes no difference.

Wiring and Plumbing

The log wall is designed to accommodate wiring. In most cases, common sense and planning makes a log home no more difficult to install wiring and plumbing than a conventional home. Our construction details show how to run wiring for each system. Drilling holes through the logs is not necessary and can make a perfect tunnel for insects. Several customers who had previously owned a log home with drilling, have requested logs NOT be drilled. Interior walls are designed to accommodate plumbing and heat ducts as well as wiring.


As long as the logs are kept high and dry, you will not have problems with decay or deterioration. Stain is recommended for uniformity in color.


The cost of a log home is comparable to a conventional one, using the same finishing materials. Cost is not based on square footage alone. Naturally, a simple four corner house will cost less than one with more corners and/or broken roof lines.

Access to Property

Access is very important to allow the crane truck to get within 5′ feet reasonably level of the foundation, with the tractor trailer along side or behind it. Usually, all logs can be set from one side. If the tractor-trailor cannot get into the site and logs must be off-loaded and transported to the foundation an additional fee of $750 per trailer load must be charged.

Any dealer representing Old Virginia Log Homes must be competent in sales and construction and must own a log home.

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