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Our large lumber inventory allows us the advantage of air drying versus kiln drying.

Our hand hewing is not only an art, but is also beneficial to the drying process.

The hewers hard at work

Every hewer has his own pattern

Logs are milled and bulk material is removed for the dovetails.

Reed lends a hand.

All the bits and pieces have to be put together to make logs into a home.

Axes and drawknives are still everyday tools in handcrafting the logs

Mortise and tenon joints are cut by hand.

Bob Williams (age 90) reminds us that there is always work to be done. Bob found eternal rest in Fall of 2009 at the age of 91

Hewn logs waiting to be in your home.

Every dovetail is fitted and every corner is pre-assembled in our log yard to ensure a quality fit.

Every corner is pre-assembled in our yard.

All log homes are delivered by employees of Old Virginia Log Homes.

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